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Customized LED machine vision light for O-ring inspection
Author:                Add Time:2014-12-31

Example 2: LED machiine vision light for O-Ring defects inspection Inspection

As above images, the object is O-Ring and a column shape, so the camera direction and object is in the same coaxial side. Under this situation, the angle between lens and object is from 0 degree to  90 degree. Whatever direction illuminated, there will be a reflective direction facing the lens, and this part area is very reflective, the special hard part is that the reflective part is direct way of lens, so there just has one part reflective lighting back to lens, while the reflective part can not get image. At this moment, if using the standard illuminator , we may only get the one part image or nonuniform  image , just as the above right image , which is impossible for the system recognition.

According to the project requirement, the light should meet below points: 1.This customized light has different layers and different angles, each layer can be adjusted individually on brightness and almost the angle be covered from low level to high level 2.More horizon the level be , the lower brightness could get .But if more vertical the level be , the brightness could be higher. Through this way  uniformity in different level, we could ensure the uniform image in different angle level . 3.The high brightness could meet high speed line inspection demands. 4.This light has the ability to resist the shake, which happening under the high speed moving situation on the turntable. 5.This light has long life-expectancy feature because this inspection machine require all the components highly qualified, so must make sure each components has the high quality.