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Career Growth

Career Growth

Career Growth and Development
We strongly encourage OPT employees to continue their professional development.  OPT provides many different chances for Employees growing and developping.

OPT views development as a shared responsibility between OPT, employees, and managers:


  • Create a learning environment that encourages and expects employees to develop new capabilities that build long-term careers and add greater value to OPT
  • Provide best-in-class development opportunities and tools supported by integrated HR systems and processes.


  • Take ownership for both career and ongoing development.
  • Maintain an active Individual Development Plan (IDP).
  • Participate in continuous learning through on-the-job development to keep skills current.
  • Continuously prepare for advancement opportunities.
  • Remain open to receiving, as well as actively seeking, relevant feedback.


  • Make employee development an integral aspect of ongoing operations.
  • Work with employees to achieve career and development goals.
  • Coach employees through real-time feedback.
  • Promote on-the-job development in support of the active use of Individual Development Plans (IDPs).
  • Serve as mentors and resources to others.

OPT training programs

  • Professional work training — Every employee works in OPT must be trained as an expert before work

  • OPT professional development — Develop technical skill is critical for successful teams and businesses. Come back to work better qualified, more confident, and better prepared to be successful at OPT.