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Staff Life
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Staff Life

Life in OPT machine vision


OPT thinks employees is the most important part for the company, you can't do anything if you don'have human power,so we are very care about the employees in OPT, we hope every employee can feel that OPT is also one of their family and they can enjoy the life in OPT. In this big family, every one is the important part and every one can create the miracles. In order to keep good life in OPT,in this big family, we also hope we can offer the best life condition for them, every employee can enjoy below benefits from this big family.

Free training for machine vision learning; Entertainment room for sports; Traval for relex; Dorm for live; Birthday party for happy; Insurance for health keeping; holiday for relax; and so on.

As we aer from different part of China even some other countries like US,Germany, so OPT sincerely hope every employee can feel the family warm under this company environment,and every one can get their success together with company moving forward, and we also believe we can do the best if we have the same believe that we can make OPT MACHINE VISION to be the best machine vision company in the world. One goal,one idea for a group of people can conquer any difficult in the harsh road.