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Plugin Lib

SciSmart not just a application, but also a platform, you can add on you own algorithm to the SciSmart. Please download the demo plugin libs.

Trend Chart 

Pie Chart

SciExtDemo Project Overview

Monitor a variant value by Trend Chart  

Display percentages by Pie Chart

How can add  algorithms to the SciSmart


You can do a lot of process and operation by script, such as calculation, getting date & time, sorting a result, even calling a ActiveX components. 

For example: getting the length of a Triangle by function "Math.sin(x)"

  Script file


  dateDemo ( )

  Returns the date of the system in the specified format: year-month-date. 

  Return type: String.

  timeDemo ( )

  Returns the time of the system in the specified fortmat: hours-minutes-seconds-milliseconds.

  Reture type: String.

  getTimeValue ( )

  Returns the time value in the Date object.

  Return type: Int.

  dis2Pt (point1, point2)

  Calculate the distance from point1 to point2. 

  Return type: Number.

  disPtToLine (point, linePt1, linePt2)

  Calculate the distance from the point to the line.

  Return type: Number.

  rotateCenterA (point1, point2, point3)

  Calculate the center of rotation through the coordinates of three points.

  Return type: Point.

  rotateCenterB (point1, point2, rotationAngle)

  Calculate the center of rotation by two points and one angle.

  Return type: Point.

  rotatePt (point1, rotationCenterPt, rotationAngle)

  Calculate the coordinates of a point after rotating an angle around the center of rotation. 

  Return type: Point.

  readString (path)

  Read data from local files.

  Return type: String.


  writeString (path, str)

  Write data to a file in the specified path.

  Return type: Void.

  delectFolder (startDate, endDate, dateFormat, path)

  Delete folders created in a specific period of time, whose names are named in a fixed-time format.

  Return type: Void.