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SciSmart Vision Software


Catalog: SCI Machine Vision.pdf

Manual: SciSmart Manual.pdf

Function Interface

Acquire Image

Camrea Setting, Image Acquisition, Import Images, image Cache, Image Export, Calibration


Preprocess Filter Threshold Resize Channel Extraction Morphology Image Operator Rotate Mirror LUT

Stitch Crop Image


Edge Point Detection Line Detection Circle Detection Grey Match Feature Match Contour Match ROI

Creation Hough Line, Hough Circle, Corner Detection


Caliper Color Measurement Pitch Measurement Geometry Relationship Intensity Measurement Auto-Focus

Laser Triangle 3D, Focus 3D


Blob Analysis, Contours Extraction, Contours Processing, Scratch Detection, Variation model, Profile tolerance


OCR, Bar Code Reading, 2D Code Reading, Classifier


TCP/IP Serial Port, GPIO, Modbus, HID, Keyboard Event


Logic Calculator Scriptor Variable Assignment Overlay Delay Popup Dialog Plugin Library Export to CSV Overlay

Database Operator

Simple Operation

For most tools, there is a uniform interface and default parameters, with no need for excessive customer settings.

All tools have a unified user interface, easy and quick to get started

Simple Flowchart

There are two basic elements in this UML style flowchart, action operator blocks and decision operator blocks. E.g: One can perform detection by adding

an action operator block and follows with a decision operator block with certain condition statments.

Build solutions with simple and intuitive flow chart

Software Features

Accurately Finding Line(s)

Accurately Finding Circle(s)


Deburring interference, accurately finding line(s)

Eliminate interference points, to be exact searching circle

Calibrate Image



Before calibration

After calibration

Recognize numbers, Chinese and English letters

Geometric Transformation

Image Combination

Before transformation

After transformation

Before combination

After combination

2D Code Recognision

Bar Code Recognision

Data Matrix

QR Code

Product Label

Manufacturing Sequence Number

Software Features SciFocus Sharpness Detection

The function of SciFocus is to calculate the definition score of the image, and the clearer the image, the higher the score. 

Use the SciFocus tool to ensure the consistency of the effects when different people debug the machine.

Geometric Measurement

For measuring the distance from point to point, point to straight-line, the angle formed by two points and X-axis, the two points and Yaxis,

and three points, fitting straight-lline, fitting ellipse, the center of gravity of the polygon, the intersection of two lines, and so on.

Such optional tools as shown below.

Point to Point distance (2 Points)

Middle point of the two

points (2 Points)

The distance between

point to line (3 Points)

The mapping point of

point to Line (3 Points)

The intersection of the

two straight lines (4 Point)

The angle between the 

vector and the X-axis

(2 Points)

The angle between the

vectorand the Y-axis

(2 Points)

3 Points form an angle

(3 Points)

4 Points form an angle

(4 Points)

The median line of the

triangle (3 Points)

Angle bisector (4 points)

The center of gravity of

the polygon (at least 3


The area of the polygon

(at least 3 Points)

Fitting line (at least 2


Fitting ellipse (at least 5