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Laser application fixed focal lens

Datasheet Download: Laser application fixed focal lens.rar

Product features

Extremely Long WD

Designed for laser application project, the WD is


over 800mm.

Professional grade design and stable quality

Professional grade optical performance

High resolution

High-resolution optical design, compatible with many

common industrial 5 MP cameras, suitable for 3.45 µm


pixel pitch and below and 5 MP image sensors of


2/3”optical format. Resolution of 140 lp/mm over the

whole Field of View (FOV) guarantees crisp images

Low distortion

Total distortion < 0.1%

Excellent uniformity

Adopted by big angle view principle to control the in

tensity decrease of side edge and get clear and brigh

ter image.




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MTF Drawing

Model Table

Dimensional Drawings [mm]