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OPT in 2016 VISION Stuttgart

International machine vision exhibition held in Stuttgart, Germany on November 8-10, 2016. As a fair businesses, OPT settled in the 1A09. OPT's brand: OPT LED machine vision Lights , Controllers and other related new products were debuted at the exhibition. From establishment up to now, OPT has been focusing on the development, production and sales of machine vision, and provided completed solutions of machine vision. The core part of this exhibition—the demonstration of OPT unique line scan lighting application platform, attracted a large number of customers to consult.

OPT Machine Vision LED light Lead the new TrendOPT machine vision LED light includes two types: standard lights, customized design lights. The exhibition mainly show the new standard lights, such as Dome Lights, Collimated Coaxial Lights, Collimated Collector Lights, etc. Dome Lights has highly uniform illumination from different angles and it is best for the surface inspection of uneven surfaces. The parallelism of collimated Coaxial Lights can be below 3 degrees. And the parallelism of Collimated Collector Lights is down to 0.5 degrees.

Research and Development of shape from shading technique, Win-Win Cooperation

OPT and German college researched and developed shape from shading technology, shown in the exhibition. OPT provided special lights, controllers and platform. Dr. Joerg Eberhardt from Hochschule Ravensburg-weingarten led the team to launch shaping from shading technology. The technology was applied in the medicine packaging test project, which can effectively remove the interference and obtain the defect part of the 3D shape so that achieving good detection results. A large number of customers had a great interest in our company's test methods, especially the 3D application technology.

The exhibition not only showed new machine vision lights, but also showed Digital Controller, Mini Analog controller and other new products.

Dr. James Lu explain the OPT Controller working principle

Dr. James Lu made the speech of “Lighting for Vision” in the exhibition  which obtained a high degree of evaluation. The audience praised the OPT research and development of outstanding machine vision technology achievements.

A lot of partners from around the world participated in the exhibition site specially, understood the OPT machine vision of innovative products and development trends. The exhibition was really bustling!