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OPT was founded in 2006 and has been continuously expanding its position as one of the leading 

supplier in machine vision industry. We have developed a vast variety of unique innovative solutions

for equipment manufacturers, system integrators, large manufacturers and enterprises ranking in the

top 10 of Fortune 500.

OPT is an enterprise with more than 900 employees, including more than 120 R&D engineers, more

than 180 software application engineers, more than 180 imaging engineers, and more than 100 sales



OPT focuses on machine vision lights, industrial lenses, vision system and other components.

     ● OPT standard lights:

     45 series nearly 1000 models.

     ● OPT industrial lenses:

     line scan lenses, 29M/10M/5M/2M focal length lenses, 5M zoom lenses, telecentric lenses.

     ● SCI[1] vision system:

     SciVision SDK, SciSmart Software, SCI vision controller, smart camera and so on.

     ● Customized lights:

     more than 30000 customized designs, more than 100000 models, 3-10 working days for customized



[1] SCI is the brand for vision system of OPT Machine Vision.