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OPT Smart3 Vision Software-Drag-and-drop graphic programming and UI design

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OPT Smart3 Vision Software combines the visual application experience of nearly a hundred industries. It integrates a rich set of visual algorithms and UI controls. Not only can it shorten the development cycle of visual applications effectively but also make it easier for users to use. Through simple and flexible configuration, it can quickly achieve functions such as presence detection, localization, recognition, measurement, and appearance inspection.

Currently, Smart3 vision software has been running stably on hundreds of thousands of devices, and its reliability has been verified by a large number of projects. 

Drag-and-drop graphic programming - Quickly build vision application flow

In order to further reduce the difficulty of vision application development, OPT Smart3 vision software adopts visual programming design, instead of the traditional complicated code and abstract process ideas. By adding different algorithm modules, such as image processing, feature extraction, target detection etc, user can quickly build a clear vision application process.

In the process of deploying flowcharts, Smart3 vision software supports drag-and-drop function, which can be used for modularized programming of Goto, thread, branch, etc., to meet the process design needs of different application scenarios, and to provide customers with a simpler and more flexible way of visual construction.

For multi-station vision inspection applications, Smart3 can also modularize the management of multiple vision algorithms and nodes by adding new sub-processes to achieve a more concise and readable flowchart design; at the same time, the innovative combination of event triggering and graphical programming enables the sub-processes to support both synchronous and asynchronous execution, or even run independently of the main process.

Drag-and-drop UI design - Easy to customize user interface

In addition to the flowchart without programming, OPT Smart3 vision software also does not require tedious operations such as code editing when building the user's running interface. With a rich set of functional widgets, the interface can be quickly and easily customized by simply dragging and dropping.

At the same time, Smart3 can also change the icon size and position by dragging and dropping according to the user's habits. Compared with the traditional methods, Smart3's customized UI design saves lots of programming time, effectively reduce the learning cost in the meanwhile ensure the stability of the running interface.

Furthermore, Smart3 software can also acquire the intuitive product qualification rate, production status and other data through the CPK function to get the required testing information in a short time; and it can also set permissions, autonomously configure user roles, and control important parameters to ensure the security of production.